Save Gardiner Park

Gardiner Park is an 85 year old park in the Sydney suburb of Banksia, south of the CBD and is zoned RE1, Recreational. The plan of management states that Cricket is played in Summer & Soccer in Winter.

Without public consultation, Bayside Council will use $3 million of community money to upgrade this natural park to synthetic. Against the zoning it will now favour only one sport, Soccer, and alienate all other activities. The synthetic field will sit 1.2 metres higher than the current field as it sits in a floodway, will have a 1.2m surrounding fence and 3 x 6m high screens at the goal ends. Open space will become enclosed space.

Link to our Go Fund Me page is Here

Our Concerns

The Evidence

Health risks, heat and children

Are our parks safe with heat, rubber crumb and potential heat stress.  Are these the parks we want for our communities?  Councils and groups installing synthetic are often unaware of the health and environmental consequences of these fields.  Friends of Gardiner Park have investigated a series of studies both in Australia, the US and Europe … More

Protest tonight with David Shoebridge

David Shoebridge visits Gardiner Park, offers support to anti-synthetic community group Greens MP and Chair of the current NSW inquiry looking into the allocation of Government Grants will be speaking to the local community about Gardiner Park. When: Thursday 21st January 7pm Where: Gardiner Park, Banksia Who: Greens MP David Shoebridge, Friends of Gardiner Park, … More

Dear Elizabeth

Dear Elizabeth,    This is a story about the loss of green space, of the twisting of heritage into a vote catching opportunity, and the blindness of councillors to other residents. There are two, no three assets,  in our small but old suburb.  The train station,   the local park and the lebanese pizza shop where … More

Big News – Work Has Stopped

On 25 November 2020, Friends of Gardiner Park Inc took Bayside Council to the Land & Environment Court and received an emergency hearing due to the scheduled work to strip, rip and rotary hoe the grass at Gardiner Park. The court ordered the work to stop until the Notice of Motion can be heard on … More

New Aussie Film ‘The Park’

I have this idea for a movie. It’s called ‘The Park’ where a group of earnest, dog-loving locals, fight a dogmatic council (no pun) hell bent on installing an expensive and unnecessary synthetic soccer field in their local park. After appealing to their Councillors who nod their heads and listen, but shrug their shoulders and … More

Petition to Council

We are learning how to get through to council and councillors, the people who are meant to represent us and our concerns. We have been advised to submit a formal petition, on paper, to council. Currently we have a few teams of people walking and door knocking the streets, talking to residents and getting signatures. … More

Newsletter #1

The truth about the Gardiner Park upgrade Last week a colourful brochure was delivered to residents from Bayside Council with information about the upgrade to Gardiner Park and an update on the front page of council’s website In response: we as residents have responded with our own newsletter. click the link above to access. Enjoy, … More

Letter to Council

There are other ways of solving this Dear Councillors, After the meeting at Rockdale Town Hall on Tuesday, I mentioned the studies into urban heat island along with the ‘albedo’ effect of synthetic turf. Albedo is measurement of glare or reflection.  Snow is highly reflective and grass is not, to put it simply.   One of … More

Those FAQ’s

The upgrade flyer and the Mayor’s message is a fantasy of answers. Residents of Banksia and Arncliffe have received glossy flyers recently with information from Bayside Council and a list of FAQ’s. addressing the avalanche of concerns from residents. Bayside vs The Facts Never let a pamphlet get in the way of residents concerns Q: … More

Presentation to Council

Bayside Council Town Hall, Tuesday 29 September 2020 5 months of research, over 200 documents and finally a meeting was held at Bayside Council to discuss the plans to not turn Gardiner Park into a synthetic soccer field. Present at the meeting: Meredith Wallace, GM Bayside Council Mayor Joe Awada Depute Mayor James MacDonald Councillor … More

Womens’ Soccer

And their dislike of Artificial Turf The hugest congratulations to the Australian and New Zealand teams on winning the hosting of the World Cup in 2023. The campaign focused around growing the game, the diversity of both countries and the work of both countries to secure the bid. #AsOne It is interesting to note that … More

What did we ask for?

Finally we have the answer. We found a number of documents sent to us via the GIPAA (freedom on information ). Our question, all along, is. What did the community ask for when they offered $10 million to spend on infrastructure that will benefit the community ? Three workshops were held by a company called … More


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