Gardiner Park is an 86 year old park in the Sydney suburb of Banksia and is zoned RE1, Recreational. It was opened in 1935 as part of a work relief scheme during the Great Depression.

Without public consultation, Bayside Council is using $3 million of community money to upgrade this natural park to synthetic. Against the zoning it will now favour only one sport, Soccer, and alienate all other activities. The synthetic field sits 1.2m higher than the current field as it has been built on a floodway, is surrounded by fencing and 3m x 6m high screens at the goal ends. Open space has become enclosed space.

Friends of Gardiner Park Inc. Vs Bayside Council

What’s happening at Gardiner Park?

Latest Updates

The court outcome

Dear Friends, Unfortunately, the Honourable Chief Justice Brian Preston did not rule in favour of the Friends of Gardiner Park on the grounds we brought before the Land and Environment Court. Full details of the decision can be read on the Case Law website: www.caselaw.nsw.gov.au/decision/17fab1f65823054dc3592af7# Naturally we are disappointed with the outcome however we respect the … More

How hot? Dr Heat answers that question

Channel Nine came to Gardiner Park with heat scientist, Dr Sebastian Pfautsch from Western Sydney University to measure the synthetic field temperature. The information given to residents and users of these parks in the Review of Environmental Factors (the “REF”) states: Note: The worst-case scenario is the field reaches 65°C The information comes from a … More

NSW Chief Scientist Initial Report

“In November 2021, the Hon. Rob Stokes MP, (then) Minister for Planning and Public Spaces requested the NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer provide expert advice on the use of synthetic turf in public open space in NSW.” The Six Terms of Reference include looking at the available data, providing advice, developing a research program and reporting back. You can read the … More

Judgement Day

If you told us back in August 2020 that we would be in court against Bayside Council fighting to save the park, we would have laughed in that short, frightened way. Because back then we believed our Council and Councillors would listen, or consider, or pause, or react to the community backlash. We had a … More

Guidelines for Synthetic Fields users

There are no signs or instructions at Gardiner Park. To help park users we have put together some useful information, to get the best out of this type of field and how to deal with the pesky toxic black crumb that follows you home. Here’s a quiz for you – How many kilos of toxic … More

It’s serious. These parks are not healthy

The plastic is coming out of the wrappers and being laid in Gardiner Park. You can smell it. Chemicals don’t belong in local parks. Turf maintenance is moving from glysophate to steam for weed kill, compost is from local sources and grass is life giving. In this age of climate emergency why are we putting … More

Double Fenced

Around late April this year a second fence was installed around Gardiner Park. It blocks the amenities building, the cabanas and the untouched flat parts of the park, along with further exterior parts of the park. The Park is under construction for a synthetic soccer field and the works zone has its own fencing. Residents … More


This post is about the court case due to be heard in March 2022. Friends of Gardiner Park’s documents are ongoing and is a record of the construction breeches. These breaches go towards the works being carried out and show a continous disregard for their own documentation, for example they should have traffic control everytime … More

Changes of Use

Bayside Council have launched a booking page for parks, venues and sports grounds. Although not completed, Gardiner Park is listed on the booking page, under sportsfields. Gardiner is now a year round soccer field that can be booked by sporting groups. The available flat space consists of 1 x synthetic soccer field and 2 x … More

Court Dates & Bayside Council

We are in interesting times. Bayside Council is building a synthetic soccer field while the case against it is still to be decided. We have all watched this play out for more than a year. This message today is a summary of what actions have been taken, where we are headed and what we can … More

Court challenge update

“FoGP remains positive that there is strong potential to win this case and yesterday’s Notice of Motion hearing strengthens our optimism in potentially being successful.” Yesterday was an important court date for The Friends in their challenge to test if the work at Gardiner Park is valid. The following is our letter to Bayside Councillors. … More

10 years later, Millions of $$ lacking

Bayside Council published their Quarterly Budget Review, March 2021 (24 pages) The first two pages are a summary with a particular note for Gardiner Park. “Due to extended delays in the delivery of the works at Gardiner park, Council has occured legal costs and additional project costs of some $400k. These costs will continue to … More


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